Mojang, the developers of Minecraft and recently acquired by Microsoft, are preparing to release their latest game, Scrolls, for iPad later this year, and they have announced that they will reduce the price of the game closer to launch. Currently $20.95, Scrolls will be available for $5 when the tablet version releases this fall.

While they looked at free-to-play as an option, they were wary of how that might affect the experience, according to Mojang:

Our current price of $21 isn't feasible for tablets. As you probably already know, games are cheap on those things. Free-to-play would be an option, but we're not keen on the way that that form of monetisation can affect gameplay.

No firm release date has been set for the mobile version of Scrolls. The game will feature cross-platform play between PC, Mac, and tablet, and Scrolls collections will be persistent across platforms. Existing customers will get a $20 package of shards at no additional cost once the price of the game is lowered.

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Source: Mojang