Ah, the joys of public transportation. Nothing else quite compares to the stimulating experience of standing in the company of drunks and derelicts at a bus stop late in waining hours of Saturday night, waiting for a fuming smoke filled bus to arrive, concluded with sharing a body fluid-stained seat with the unwashed, unwashed masses. But enough about my college days.

If you happen to live San Francisco, a new service called MoMuni provides instant real-time access to bus or train routes and waypoints, right on your iPhone. Users can select the route and stop of the bus or train they're waiting for and then determine how far away the next 3 are. What's more, you can bookmark stops most often used, like commuting from home or work, for example, and access them from a tabbed interface. Nice.

Of course, once you board the bus... you're on your own. One word: deodorant.