Monodraw for Mac lets you create your ASCII art masterpiece

The product of the developers at Helftone, Monodraw is a drawing app for ASCII art. The app allows you to create text-based art and diagrams using simple characters, all with a powerful set of tools that your would expect to find in other image editors and art applications.

To start, Monodraw gives you the option between using the ASCII or Unicode alphabet. You can then draw your work with a number of tools. You have shape tools like Rect and Diamond, a line tool, and you can also add text. The Pencil, Fill, and Picker tools give you even more options, and more freedom in your work. You can use all of these tools to make images, diagrams, flow charts, and more. Monodraw will also let you group elements and focus on a particular part of your work.

Monodraw is designed for the Mac, and requires OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later. It is available both from Helftone's website and the Mac App Store right now.

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