A hugely popular action game franchise by Capcom has been updated in the App Store today through Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. In this iOS action game players gear up in heavy-duty fantasy gear and square off against some truly gnarly beasts. Gather resources while you're out in the wilds, complete quests, hawk your wares in the local market, and prove your mettle against some impressive enemies.

For those really hankering for precision controls, MFi hardware controllers are supported, though touch-optimized controls include lock-on visual targeting, so you won't be fiddling too much to get to the action. Online co-operative multiplayer is supported for up to 4 allies through Game Center, and includes a chat system.

The pricetag might be a bit of a turn-off, but those that are heavily invested in the series won't bat an eyelash. Plus, there aren't any in-app purchases. On that note, do you guys think premium pricing at this level still has a place in the App Store?

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