More next-generation iPad and iPad mini casings purportedly leak, this time in silver

Back in January iMore mocked up and talked about the next-general iPad 5, and how it would likely take design cues from the iPad mini, getting smaller and thinner, which translates into lighter. Since then there've been several casings purportedly leak out, the latest of which (below) show what could be the silver/white option. Xubolong on Weibo:

The advantage of the new casing, if accurate, would be the same 9.7-inch screen size everyone from traveling professionals to video and comic book aficionados prefer, but without all the bulk and heft of the current iPad 4. (Yes, we live in a world where, 3.5 short years later, an iPad is now heavy metal.)

We've heard, as have several others, that Apple will be holding their next iPhone event on September 10. There's no word yet on when we'll see new iPads, but if they stick to last year's pattern, it would be in the October time frame.

Here's a sample of the latest leaks, hit the source for more.

Source: xubolong via NowhereElse