iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak and Unlock Pirate

Catch-up time: QuickPWN for Mac was released a few short days ago. This go-around is for all of the Mac peeps out there looking to jailbreak the 2.0.2 firmware.  Still no software solution for unlocking, though...  sorry folks.  

It is important to note:

"QuickPwn is not a replacement for PwnageTool, they are different tools and provide different features, QuickPwn is for quickly pwning a device, whereas PwnageTool is designed to custom build and tailor the ipsw (Apple's iPhone firmware files) production process, both tools will be actively developed in the future."
"To use QuickPwn 1.0 Mac OS X your device should be running 2.0.2, if it isn’t then you can upgrade it to 2.0.2 using iTunes and then use the QuickPwn tool, we repeat, it’ll only work on version 2.0.2 of the iPhone or iPod touch firmware." Now I am not going to leave all of the Windows loyalists left out in the cold.  Also recently released is WinPwn 2.5-Beta 2. Which is available here.  Keep in mind that this is indeed a finished version but "beta" is used to simply say "Use at your own risk".   Join us in the TiPb's Jailbreaking, Hackery, and Jailbroken Apps forum for a more detailed look into the dark side.  Be careful and have fun!