The iPad Air will be in our hot little hands at the end of this week, and popular accessory maker Moshi has introduced a pair of new cases designed to look after it for you. The Versacover and the Concerti will both be available later this fall for $60 and $55 respectively.

The Versacover is already something we're familiar with, and employs an 'origami style' that both protects your iPad and folds out into a stand providing both landscape and portrait viewing angles. A third way angles the iPad in such a fashion that is great for typing on the display. Inside the cover is a soft microfiber, and magnets ensure the display wakes when you open it. Round back, a polycarbonate shell will protect the aluminum rear of your iPad Air. The Versacover will be available in a range of colors, including green, blue, pink and grey.

The Concerti is a folio case, that with a new swivel stand can be flicked into both portrait and landcape modes at "the flick of a wrist." Inside your iPad Air is kept safe with a silicone and microfiber combination, while the outside is dressed in a synthetic leather fabric. The Concerti will be available in black.

Moshi makes some great quality accessories for your Apple devices, and these latest items for the new iPad Air look great. Both will be available from the Moshi store at the link below later this fall. What do you guys think of them, something you'd consider over perhaps Apple's own cases?

Source: Moshi