The grand old uncle of technology reviewers, Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal loves him some iPhone. Indeed, ever since Apple's little pocket universe-denter came out in 2007, it seems Mossberg can't review another, similar device without mentioning the iPhone as much as the subject du jour.

As I mentioned last night on Twitter, however, with his Palm Pre review for D All Things Digital, Mossberg went a step further. Alongside roughly 40 or so iPhone references -- including the title! -- Mossberg interjects:

  • I’d note that the new iPhone to be unveiled next week will have lots of added features
  • Apple has both a new iPhone operating system and new iPhone hardware coming, likely available within a month
  • I expect to see an iPhone with up to 32 gigabytes of memory, video recording, a higher-resolution camera, a compass, and greater operating speed. Plus, there are persistent rumors that Apple will announce at least one iPhone at a drastically lower price than $199.

And in the video he goes on to say that, at WWDC:

  • There will be changes to the iPhone, not all of which are known

That's a lot of iPhone info (Engadget thinks so as well). Our question remains:

Is Mossberg guessing, leaking, or was his Palm Pre video clip shot on a next generation iPhone?!