Elago M4

You may recall a few months ago when Elago introduced the Mac Plus Apple Watch stand. We here at iMore just fell head-over-heals and some of us have one sitting on our nightstands right now. Macrumors got wind that Elago has one-upped its own product by turning that same retro Macintosh look into an iPhone stand, available for the iPhone 7, 6s, or 6 (too bad it's not sized for the Plus models).

The stand, called the M4, is made from flexible silicon. You can slide your iPhone into the designated slot, and the screen is framed by that adorable boxy Mac Plus look.

The charging cable hides away by interlacing into the bottom and out the backside of the stand. You plug it into your iPhone, but the majority of the cable is tucked away behind the faux computer.

Imagine how cute this would look when paired with your Magic keyboard.

Elago M4

Elago notes that the tight-fitting slot makes it difficult to fit an iPhone with anything but an ultra-thin case on it, but they do have their own line of slim fit cases if you want to go all in.

You can get the M4 for iPhone in black or "classic white" which is more of a whitish beige than anything else. You can get one today for about $30. If you have any sort of nostalgia for classic Apple memorabilia, you're going to want to get your hands on one of these before they become collectors items like the real thing.

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