While online pre-orders for the Apple Watch on Friday, April 10 were estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of one million watches, we now have a better idea of how try-on appointments might be working out. Analysts at Cowan & Co. are estimating that up to 90% of customers who had a try-on appointment for the Apple Watch at several Bay Area Apple Stores ended up buying them, according to Fortune:

We found several dozen salespeople per retail store who each had several dozen Apple Watch appointments during store hours. Based on our discussions, these showings are translating into Apple Watch pre-orders ~85-90% of the time.

Now, these numbers are only for stores in one city. However, it's unlikely that the Bay Area stores would be an extreme outlier, even if they saw a higher number of watch purchases than stores around the world. People making appointments to try on an Apple Watch are also more likely to want one already.

Pre-orders and try-on appointments for the Apple Watch are open now, with the devices beginning to ship to customers on April 24. However, many customers will be waiting into May or June to receive their watch.

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Source: Fortune

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