Phil Nickinson from Android Central has put together a complete Motorola Droid RAZR for your reading -- and viewing -- pleasure. How does it stack up against the Verizon iPhone 4S, not to mention the 300 million other Android phones released this week?

It's fast, it's thin, it's got a gorgeous high-resolution display, and it's running the most recent version of Android available (at least for a few more weeks). Motorola has already promised an update to Ice Cream Sandwich. Good camera, and has Verizon 4G LTE data.

May be too large for some; is about the widest phone we've used. Battery can't be removed. Full of preloaded apps that you might or might not actually want.

What's interesting is that not 12 hours after Motorola announced this bad boy, Google and Samsung obsoleted it with the Galaxy Nexus, so you've got to really love Moto's fine Corellian design aesthetic and Blur UI, or want a new LTE device on Verizon now, now, now, not to wait.

If you do need a new Verizon phone now, and you're trying to decide between the RAZR and the iPhone 4S, your choice comes down to whether you need LTE or EV-DO rev A (cough!) is good enough, whether you like 4.3-inch screens or 3.5 inch Retina displays are more your thing, and whether you prefer iOS 5, Siri voice control, and the App Store and iTunes ecosystems to Android and the Market?

If you're having trouble making up your mind, we'll be putting the RAZR and the iPhone 4S head to head ASAP, so stay tuned!

Motorola Droid RAZR gets reviewed