Mozilla first announced that it would bring its FireFox browser to the iPhone and iPad back in December, and now that goal seems close to fruition. The company has recently begun sending out a survey to potential testers, asking them if they are interested in helping to beta test the browser for iOS.

From the FireFox survey:

We're looking for a few users to test Firefox for iOS before it's released to the public! The only requirements are that you have an iOS device and that it's running iOS 8. This will be a Beta test, meaning that the app might have some bugs and break at times -- which is why we need your testing and feedback to make it better. If you're interested in helping, please fill out this survey and we'll let you know if you're selected for the Beta program.

The survey indicates that FireFox for iPhone and iPad will require iOS 8 or greater to run. There are no indications on when the browser could see a release on iOS, though the existence of an external beta test means that it could be soon.

While Mozilla had been historically opposed to bringing their browser to iOS due to Apple's requirement that companies use Apple's own web engine, the company eventually capitulated, saying that they need to go where the users are.

Sign up for the beta test of Firefox for iPhone and iPad

Via: TechCrunch