It seems that Mozilla has finally acknowledged the need for a mobile browser on the mozilla codebase that isn't wreteched. PC Advisor reports that the mozilla foundation will be putting resources towards a mobile browser. And they didn't act until now on the mobile browsing kit on the iPhone, 3 months after WebKit shines on the iPhone. To add insult to injury, Nokia has been using Apple's WebKit, the browsing engine that powers Safari on the iPhone, instead of anything based off of Mozilla's code, though Nokia also has a mozilla-basbed browser on their N800 tablet.

For those of you that are aware of Minimo, the project to bring mozilla to mobile devices, erm, make that Windows Mobile devices, the project is essentially dead. Minimo, doomed with only one developer who was not willing to expend extra time on the project, will never see an update again. A mobile browser project will now instead start from scratch.


p> You know, Opera has really been on top of the browser space. They put opera pretty much everywhere they could, and really got it out there. Their J2ME browser, Opera Mini, is a breakthrough bit of software for featurephones. I'm not generally liable to say anything pleasant about Internet Explorer, and by extension Pocket IE, but Pocket IE was a sight better than Minimo. It makes sad that Mozilla didn't get until now that the mobile browsing world isn't really a segment of the market where you want to be in last place.