Multifl0w was recently updated in Cydia and brings a WebOS-like "Cards" (or Mobile Safari "Pages" if you're Apple-centric) interface to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad multitasking system.

Multifl0w has been available in Cydia for some time now, but previously only allowed for an exposé display of apps (up to 9 at a time) running in the background. The mod features smooth animations and is low on system resources, and also packs full Activator integration for gesture support. If you've ever used ProSwitcher in the past then you'll be familiar with the way Multifl0w handles app switching.

I prefer Multifl0w over the stock iOS app-switcher dock and have been using it on both my iPhone and iPad for the past day or so with no crashes or hiccups. Multifl0w is available in the Cydia Store now for $4.99. Check out the pics after the jump, and let us know if you've seen any bugs or issues with the update in the comments!


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