Boys and girls, let me tell you it ain't easy living without your iPhone for more than a week. The phrase Testicular impact comes to mind. It feels like eternity has passed since that dreaded day my inquisitive mind and impatient nature claimed the life of my iPhone. Rather than wait around for iPhone Dev Team to create a resuscitative baseband update, I applied my $100 Apple Store coupon towards the puchase of a second iPhone and succumbed to the siren call of Marimba ringtones.

So here I am, back in business. Never again shall I tamper with iPhone's inner plumbing or perform half-assed hacks - at least not on THIS unit. The bricked unit will become my official Frankenphone for testing purposes. Let's just hope that I can tell these two apart and not accidently monkey with the wrong phone. I've already walked out the door with the wrong iPhone in my hand, twice! Fun times.