As a result of a collaboration between the teams at Apple World and MyApple, you'll soon be able to check out the latest and greatest Apple news in an easy to read fashion with the MyApple Magazine. Most of the times you find shorter pieces on Apple blogs, with the exception of the larger releases, so consuming the information is easy. But when it comes to the larger reviews, the more detailed opinion pieces, reading them can be less of an enjoyment at times. MyApple Magazine hopes to fix that. So, what can you expect from the MyApple Magazine? Apple World describes it as:

What's it all about? Apple. The products, the services, and the incredible rich history of the company. The fans. The competition. The places and people who make the world of Apple so fascinating. All of the past intrigue and mistakes, the present success, and the bright future of the world's largest technology company.

If you want to check out the first issue of MyApple Magazine, you can do so now for free. The magazine is available as a PDF that you can easily save for online or offline reading.

Source: Apple World