Stanford's MyHeart Counts leads ResearchKit's international expansion

With the release of version 1.5 of Stanford's MyHeart Counts cardiovascular study app, ResearchKit has taken its first steps outside of the U.S. The new release of the MyHeart Counts app is now available to iPhone owners in both the U.K. and Hong Kong.

So far, medical research apps built using ResearchKit have been limited to U.S.-based participants. Bringing studies like MyHeart Counts to other countires will greatly expand the testing pool. MyHeart has proven popular in the U.S. already, with over 41,000 people having signed up to participate in the study so far.

In addition to expanding into the U.K. and Hong Kong, the MyHeart Counts added a number of new features with its latest update. You can now get insights on the app's dashboard that provide personalized feedback, check out the new Newsfeed section, and you can compare your 6-Minute Walk test results with other MyHeart participants.

You can download MyHeart Counts 1.5 from the App Store now.