MyPermissions for iPhone helps you stay on top of what apps have access to your accounts

MyPermissions for iPhone is a security app thats sole purpose it to scan and make you aware of what apps and sources have access to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, and other service and account types. If you haven't checked your app permissions lately, MyPermissions is a super easy way to find out and clean up who has access to your stuff.

Upon launching MyPermissions you are asked to choose what network or account type you'd like to scan first. Your choices are currently Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google, and Flickr. Just choose your account type and grant MyPermissions access to it by signing in.

Basically MyPermissions is just logging into your account and bring up the respective pages for where you manage app permissions for each service. It may seem simple but for folks that don't often check these kinds of things, it's invaluable. I know I'm guilty of forgetting to check permissions as often as I should simply because it's time consuming and quite honestly, a pain.

The only issue I discovered with MyPermissions is that it doesn't seem to recognize Dropbox app permissions, unless this is just a glitch I'm experiencing. It frequently says I have zero apps accessing my Dropbox but when the page loads, there certainly are some there. If you've linked up Dropbox, let me know if you've had this issue as well.

Considering MyPermissions is available for free, anyone with an iPhone has no excuse to not stay on type of their privacy and security when it comes to app permissions.

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