What does a mythical Apple Television need? Mythical Android competitors of course!

While you might have though the holiday season was upon us, it's actually the start of Apple Television rumor silly season, with the always entertaining analysts not only speculating up a start to Apple's production, but a mad rush by competitors into the arms of Android. We kid you not.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said in a note to investors this week that Apple is expected to partner with Sharp for TFT-LCD panels for its so-called "iTV." Production is expected to begin in February at the company's Gen 10 Sakai facility in Osaka, Japan, placing the television set in position for a mid-2012 launch.

TV makers are said to be looking at Android as a potential option to counter Apple's anticipated television set. In that scenario, the television market would act much like the current smartphone landscape, with manufacturers making the hardware and Google providing the operating system.

Misek used words like "scrambling" and "caught flat footed", which is what happened with the iPhone and iPad and while phones have just now caught up, tablets are still struggling to find competitive footing.

So, it makes sense to now rush to compete with an unannounced product, right? How about just making good products, Apple be damned? Make a great television whether or not Apple enters the market.

Everything is going to be smart one day, not just tablets and phones. Let's see who gets there -- and where -- first.

Source: AppleInsider