Mac Touch Concept Rendering

Apple has yet to announce an iTablet, which is good because the supposed universe dent'er is supposedly suffering a supposed "delay" -- getting pushed back from early to late 2010 so that Apple can supposedly add a supposedly expensive, LG-crafted OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen to the mythical mix.

At 9.7 inches, it would cost $500 for the panel, and bump the entire kit up to a $1500 or $1700 price point. So much for the imaginary device filling a slot between the sub-$500 iPod touch/iPhone and the $1000 MacBook, right?

A cheaper 10.6 inch device is also rumored to be in the imaginary pipeline for that, somewhere over $800. Both could get "cheaper" (front facing consumer price-wise) if they run 3G and are subsidized by a telco, like the iPhone is by AT&T.

There were OLED rumors for the iPhone 3GS earlier this year (with iTablet chatter attached), which of course didn't pan out (though they did for the Zune HD). Would Apple go big on OLED for an iTablet before they go small, and presumably more affordable, with the iPhone? Especially if it delays something that's had no public mention and certainly no release date attached to it? (Insert Microsoft Pink references here).

Either way, you want OLED?