We have some good news for all of you Nintendo fans out there as ZodTDD, the developer the Nintendo Gameboy Advance emulator GpSPhone, has announced that they are currently working on an N64 emulator for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch. Zodttd feels that the iPhone 3GS and the current iPod Touch contain the graphical horsepower needed for N64 games.


blockquote>"You may soon see N64 on your favorite Apple device, But I can’t promise it will run games top notch just yet, as things are too early to say. There’s hope though, with a 3D accelerated graphics plugin, as well as an ARM dynarec."

We would love to see this pulled off but the lack of physical buttons on the iPhone may prove to be a major issue. There currently is no release date set but regardless, we are looking forward to checking this one out.