NAVIGON MobileNavigator for iOS 4

NAVIGON has been on the iTunes App Store for one year, and to celebrate the anniversary they're offering 50% off their turn-by-turn navigation apps and in-app purchases, including MobileNavigator and MyRegion:

To kick off its second year in the App Store, NAVIGON is celebrating for four days (August 12-15) with a half-off promotion for all North American MobileNavigator apps and most other country versions. The In App Purchase options Traffic Live and Panorama View 3D are also 50 percent off. The additional maps in the MyRegion app get a discount of more than 30 percent.

I recently tried MobileNavigator for the first time when I took a trip up north. We were going to be going through areas of no cell coverage so I couldn't use the built-in, online Maps app (because they wouldn't load without data). MobileNavigator puts all the maps on your iPhone so even if you lose data, you still have GPS and it can still display the maps. Sure, it makes for a big download (over 1.5GB for all of North America) but I must say it was amazing. It was very smooth and we never noticed when we dropped from 3G to EDGE or offline -- it just kept navigating. It even reminded us about a side trip we'd forgotten about on the way and helped us find a restaurant we just couldn't locate (we had to trust it though, our own sense of north and south had betrayed us!)

All in all I was very happy with it so if you're looking for an on-board, offline navigation app for your iPhone, and NAVIGON interests you, this is a great time to try it out. (If you do, make sure you tell me how it works for you).

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