Phil Nickinson has done a Nest review. Yes, post Google ergo propter Google. After tearing out his already "perfectly good programmable" gear, and installing his new Nest, what does he think about it?

We're in the early days of the connected home still. But this much is clear, after even just two short weeks with Nest — this is a product done right. And if you can cough up the dough, well worth the price.

I have baseboards, so the Nest is a non-starter for me, but I like that it exists and I'm curious to see what Google does with it. It's not the Tony Stark house, not by a long shot yet, but Phil's review gives me a lot of hope. I'll spoil it no more; go read the whole the review then come back and tell me — if you already have a Nest, how do you like it? And if you don't, are you considering it?

Nest reviewed: The connected home done right