I have to admit to longingly looking at the Nest smart thermostat – and now the smoke detector – and its iOS integration from the UK, often wondering if we'll ever get to join this part of the smart home revolution. Speaking to UK based Pocket-Lint, it seems there is a dose of slightly good – if non-specific – information on this front from Nest:

"We are working on it," Erik Charlton, VP of business at Nest, told Pocket-lint, breaking the bad news.

The move, which seems to have been delayed by having to adapt and change the Nest thermostat to work in UK homes, means that Brits will have to wait a little longer until they can use the system to control their central heating from their iPhone.

It's not just a simple case of picking one up from the States, of course, and bringing it home with you. UK homes are different, with different power, different heating systems and so on. Hacking something such as the Nest to work really isn't for everyone, but Charlton did also say there's a lot of positive information from folks who've done just that, and that these same people are recommending the Nest to friends and family, despite no official support.

So, it may not be soon, but the fact it's being worked on is at least enough to keep us excited on this side of the pond. I'll be first in line if and when the Nest eventually goes on sale over here, how about you?

Source: Pocket-Lint