NetNewsWire returns to both Mac and iPhone with sync, bookmarking, and more

NetNewsWire, once the RSS reader of choice for many a Mac user, has made its return with NetNewsWire 4. It includes a new interface for OS X Yosemite, bookmarking for articles, and critically missing from previous versions, its own sync service. There's also a version of NetNewsWire 4 for iPhone now as well.

NetNewsWire 4, both on Mac and iPhone, has been completely rewritten from the ground up. Both apps take advantage of NetNewsWire Cloud Sync to keep everything up to date across devices. With a free Cloud Sync account, you can sync sites, read status, bookmarks, and favorites between Mac and iPhone.

On the Mac, NetNewsWire is now completely at home on OS X Yosemite. It also has new interface features like tabs, letting you keep multiple stories open at once. If you're just starting out with RSS, NetNewsWire 4 will also give you suggestions with the new Popular Sites feature, which can also be found on the iPhone app.

Speaking of the iPhone app, it has a few unique features of its own. First is gesture support, which allows you to swipe articles to mark them as read and swipe through to new articles as you read. Second, there's VoiceOver support, making NetNewsWire 4 more accessible for more users.

NetNewsWire 4 for Mac and iPhone are available now. The Mac app can be downloaded both from the Mac App Store, as well as developer Black Pixel's site, where it can be downloaded and used for free for 14 days. After the trial, the app will cost you $9.99.

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