RE camera and iPhone

At an event in New York today, we never expected that HTC would be announcing news for iPhone owners, and that's exactly what's just happened. One of the new devices announced at its Double Exposure event in the Big Apple is this, the RE, and it's a camera. And it's a camera that connects to the iPhone. Oh, and it looks like a tiny periscope.

To get an idea of what we're looking at, think back to the Sony QX lens-cameras that first launched in late 2013. The RE will connect to your iPhone via Wifi Direct and you'll be able to control it and snap away using a companion application. It'll work without just fine, too, and if you're not wanting your pictures on your phone just plug in to a computer or pull the SD card.

Additionally, HTC also announced that its Zoe video highlights app is out of Beta, and that version 1.0 will be headed to the iOS App Store later on this year. Zoe automatically creates little highlight reels out of your photos and videos and allows you to share them with your friends. From there, friends can add and remix your videos with their own content.

The RE will cost $199 at launch and will be available in the U.S. in the coming weeks. It comes in a bunch of different colors, but if you want the Navy one you'll have to go to Best Buy. If you want to take a closer look or even pre-order, HTCs RE dedicated web store is up and running here

For more on the HTC RE and Zoe check out the links below where the good people of Android Central have everything you need to know. If you're curious to see more about what else HTC announced in New York, head on over and check it out, there's plenty to see!