Sure, new and notable iPhone games isn’t a theme, but with so many new and such a large swathe of notable, who needs a theme? Join us after the break to see what’s going on in the iTunes App Store this week!

Genesis - Elements of Design

Control forcefields and bend light to ignite suns and breath life into the universe in this puzzle game. Each level adds additional layers to the musical backing, completing the composition when you win. [£0.59 / €0,79 / $0.99 - iTunes link]

Monster Mayhem

Keep these revolting monsters within the confines of the graveyard at all cost. Use your arsenal against hoards and big bosses including: Frank Stein and Roger Rattlebone. Check your stats and research the enemy in the built-in monster almanac. [£1.19 / €1,59 / $1.99 - iTunes link]

Super 7 - No Monkeys

Combine heptagons with different values so that their sum becomes 7. Be careful not to go over seven or it's game-over in this simple and addictive game. [£0.59 / €0,79 / $0.99 - iTunes link]


Attract butterflies and bees by cultivating fantastic plants in this fun and cheerful game. Invest gathered nectar to decorate your garden paradise. [£0.59 / €0,79 / $0.99 - iTunes link]

Ninjatown: Trees Of Doom!

Climb to the lofty pinnacles of the Trees of Doom! Flip, fling and fly your little ninja around, collecting power-ups and avoiding flying devils, ascending the global leader-boards as you go. [£1.19 / €1,59 / $1.99 - iTunes link]

Fanta 4 Pinball

The official game of self-confessed pinball fans and giants of German hip-hop: the Fantastic Four. Backed by fresh beats from the band and tilt this Fanta 4 themed pinball madness. [£2.39 / €2,99 / $3.99 - iTunes link]

Your picks?

Any other new and notable games this week? Any hidden gems or great finds? Let us know in the comments. Need. More. Games!