Rovio has released another teaser for their forthcoming sequel, Angry Birds Star Wars II, and the star is none other than the Emperor himself. Ian McDiarmid who played the iconic villain in the Star Wars movie gave his vocals to the Green Pig equivalent, urging you to "join the pork side."

The trailer is accompanied by a behind the scenes look – which you'll find below – and some futher information on the game. Worldwide release is set for September 19 on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and will cost just $0.99. It will feature 30 different bird and pig versions of real Star Wars characters, and the first set of character gameplay videos will be heading our way on Monday. For the first time in an Angry Birds game, you get the chance to play as the pigs.

Angry Birds has been with us for so long now, it may be getting a little long in the tooth for some. But, with this level of tie-in with Star Wars, I know I'm looking forward to playing the heck out of it. Who's with me?

Source: Rovio