Apple has released a new video, called "1.24.14" that honors the 30th anniversary of the Mac by filming the entire thing on an iPhone in one day. That might sound like a contradiction, but it's really an extension.

Thirty years ago Macintosh promised to put technology in the hands of the people. To celebrate Mac's birthday, this film was shot around the world in one day, entirely on iPhone. Here's to the next thirty.

If Apple's had one mission since its inception its been to relentlessly democratize computing technology. Getting computers into the hands of more people led from the Apple II to the Mac, and now from the Mac to the iPhone and iPad. Just as the GUI wasn't as powerful as the command line, or iOS not (yet) as powerful as OS X, they never the less empower more people. An iPhone or iPad can't do as much as a Mac, but more people can do more with iOS than they could with the Mac or any traditional computer...

...Like shoot a commercial entirely on-device, entirely in one day. It's the mothership and the shuttles, the body and the limbs, the nest and the birds.

We've gone from wired to wireless, from desk-bound to mobile unbound, from "it just works" to "technology alone is not enough" and "we believe". Where will we go in the next 5 years? The next 10?