Turns out that spectacular Photos Every Day ad Apple released last month was just the first in a new series, as today they've introduced Music Every Day and it's every bit as terrific. Like the previous spot, Music Every Day shows people using the iPhone to enjoy music. Many and different people in many and different ways.

It's not caricatures feuding at a wedding, or acting stupidly at a pool party, or rushing to do something or be somewhere they won't even remember a week later. It's people living their lives, and those lives made better in small, constant ways by Apple.

Like Every Day Photos, Every Day Music shot just as beautifully, mixed just as subtly, but this time highlights the iPhone as every bit the inheritor of the iPod, and cultural icon it's become.

I might be overly predisposed to love this spot at the moment, what with all the bitter Apple-is-doomed BS of the last few months, and the cheery but forgettable ads that predated this series, but with both those things as palette cleansers, these last two ads come off especially sweet.

This is an Apple returned to their marketing savvy of old, once again at the height of their commercial powers. Hopefully they keep it up.