New Apple TV remote features a touch surface and Siri button

Apple announced that the new Apple TV will come with a brand new remote, representing quite a departure from the current Apple TV's remote. Along with a new, bigger design, this new model features a touch surface and a range of different buttons.

The remote has a glass touch surface up top, with menu, Siri, play/pause, and plus/minus, and Home buttons below, and you can click and swipe to quickly browse through the video you're watching. Users will also be able toehold down the Siri button to ask for something, and search results will then be layered on top of whatever is on your screen. Users can also rest their thumb on the touch surface to get their current playback location, along with using it to play games and interact with apps.

Lastly, the new remote also features Bluetooth 4.0, controls for turning your TV on and off and adjusting the volume, an accelerometer and gyroscope, and 3-month battery life with recharging done through a Lightning connector.

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