In addition to a touchpad and Siri support, the remote for the upcoming refresh of the Apple TV is said to have one more more thing: motion control. A new report, which reiterates much of what's been said previously about Apple's new set top box, mentions that the new remote for the Apple TV will be motion-sensing.

From TechCrunch:

One thing that hasn't been talked about yet is the fact that the new remote will be motion sensitive, likely including several axis' worth of sensors that put its control on par with a Nintendo Wii remote. The possibilities, of course, are immediately evident.

Apple will reportedly position this remote as a new way to play games on the TV, not only with motion control, but also voice input.

A new Apple TV is widely rumored to be set for a September 9 unveiling alongside new iPhones at Apple's upcoming event. The new box is expected to feature heavily upgraded internals, including an Apple A8 system-on-a-chip and a refreshed, lighter interface.

Source: TechCrunch