Though the dust has barely settled from Apple's acquisition of Beats, the latest ad posted promoting Dre's Solo2 headphones (which you can win here!) features iPhone and Mac hardware throughout. "The Game Before The Game" is a 5-minute video stars a bunch of famous footballers preparing for their big match, and of course they're using Beats headphones to get in the zone. Throughout there are shots of fans getting hyped up in their own ways. Though it's not specifically mentioned, the whole thing is alluding to the World Cup, which starts next week.

Though you might not bat an eyelash seeing this as another Beats commercial rife with machismo, consider for a minute that this is also an Apple ad now. The acquisition wasn't just about the headphones or even the subscription service, but the image as well. Beats has managed to reach a young demographic willing to pay top dollar for premium electronics, and no doubt a part of that success is marketing like we see here.

This ad was done up by an agency called R/GA, but as Apple moves their marketing more in-house, could you imagine iPhones, iPads, and Macs being pitched in the same way?

Via: AdAge