Apple reportedly aiming to launch new iMacs this quarter

Apple is reportedly readying new models of its iMac desktops. The machines are said to maintain their current design, while updating the internal components, though what exactly those upgrades entail is unknown.

The latest report on new iMacs, from Ming-Chi Kuo for KGI Securities, indicates that Apple will use new materials to improve the color saturation of the iMac. The company is also apparently hoping to launch the new iMacs in the current quarter.

We believe Apple will introduce new iMac models in 3Q15, which are expected to have key selling points such as more powerful processors and much better display quality. We predict the panel will use a LED phosphor material called KSF to notably boost color saturation.

Interestingly, it is currently the second month of 3Q15 (or as Apple calls it, Q4 2015), meaning that if Apple wants to release new iMacs this quarter, they'll be doing that by the end of September. It's unknown at this time whether this launch timeframe would mean that the new iMacs would continue to use Intel's Broadwell processors, or if they would perhaps be some of the first devices to pack the company's upcoming Skylake chips.

It should be noted that in the past few years, Apple has often debuted new Macs in October, though they have refreshed some models throughout the year.

Via: MacRumors