Apple continues its marketing campaign for the iPhone 6s with three new TV commercials that made their debut today. One of them focuses on the smartphone's many photo features, while the two other clips show Siri in action helping out actor Jamie Foxx

The minute-long "Camera" commercial shows things like the new Live Images feature, the ability for the rear camera to film in 4K resolution and how it can even create slow-motion video as well.

The other new ads are both 15 seconds long. Both feature Foxx chatting with Siri in hands-free mode. One of them has Foxx asking Siri if he looks good while getting dressed, while the other has him asking Siri to flip a virtual coin to help him decide which movie script to pick. Siri tells him "Tails", so apparently Foxx's next movie will be a sci-fi western.

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Source: Apple (YouTube)