In case you were living under a Palm tree today, AT&T is airing three new ads on the tubes (TV tubes, not internet tubes). The ads depict three common plebes burbling on about how iPhone impacts their life, in various real-life situations. Perhaps the meaning of these spots are lost upon me, or maybe I'm still hungover from that bottle of Cotes du Rhone I downed Saturday night, but I'm not moved or engaged by what I see. iPhone is only vaguely referenced, and done so in a very casual way. The characters lack depth, and serve as typical uninspiring stereotypes aimed at demographics; a businessman, an average "young guy" (or wuss if you will), and a rough cut tattooed mechanic designed to appeal to car thieves working in a chop shops. Yeah, they're going to move truckloads of iPhones with these ads. I can feel it.