So, iTunes 7.5 is out, along with iPhone firmware version 1.1.2. The new iTunes has been out almost a week, and the iPhone software has been available since Friday. How far along have hackers come?

Well, in iTunes 7.5, free ringtones are back. It turns out that you can do the old trick of renaming an AAC music file to turn it into a ringtone. To get it to work, take any 30 second m4a file in finder, rename the extension to be m4r, and drag it in to iTunes. Voila!

For the iPhone, folks figured out how to downgrade the iPhone firmware to the older 1.1.1 firmware to get all the fun goodies if you decide that 1.1.2 isn't all that great, or you miss the ease of the installer.

It seems that the iPhone modem firmware has been unlocked as well, meaning that they've figured out how to unlock 1.1.2 iPhones once the jailbreak is easy enough. A simpler GUI app will probably show up in the next few days.

Hackers have figured out how to re-flash the radio in 1.1.2 so it is now safe to unlock the iPhone, as you can "revirginize" the iPhone after unlocking it to avoid any bricking with the next update.

The 1.1.2 iPhone software has already been jailbroken. The software isn't quite out of beta yet, it works only with Intel machines, and you'll have to read a readme.txt file to figure it out, but it's available for download if you need it. If you want to jailbreak 1.1.2, you'll have to do most of the work from 1.1.1, so keep that downgrade link handy.


And for the last little tidbits, if you have an iPhone with 1.1.2 firmware connected to iTunes 7.5, it gives you the battery status in a little icon next to the eject button in iTunes. And, if you put your computer with iTunes 7.5 to sleep, it will still charge the iPhone. Oh, and you can sync entire events from iPhoto '07 to the iPhone instead of just photo albums.