New iPhone number game Pivots makes addition fun

Pivots is a new number game for the iPhone where you use math in a race against the clock. The objective of Pivots is to add rows and columns up to 15 before the clock runs out, and the game offers you the ability to change the board in order to reach your goal.

Pivots lets you change the board by rotating 2x2 squares in order to reposition numbers in a given row or column. Every time you successfully line up a row or column that adds up to 15, you earn points and put time back on the clock. Failed moves will see time subtracted. As you make progress in Pivots, new levels will speed up the clock and add multipliers to your score.

Pivots is a free download, though there is a $1.99 in-app purchase to remove advertising. You can get Pivots from the App Store right now.

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