New iPhones to release on September 20?

While Apple has yet to send out a single invitation, it's generally believed their next iPhone event will be held on September 10 event, which means the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, if Apple holds to previous patterns, would launch on September 20. Which might be way international papers are now reporting just that. From Nikkei:

It is expected for the new iPhone Apple is developing, be on Friday the 20th September release date in Japan. Formal presentation is scheduled to be held in San Francisco on the 10th as previously reported.

Greece is getting in on similar action. And that's part of the problem in today's media world. Blogs break stories, newspapers report them, and bloggers cite the reports. Reputable journalists in both online and print media make sure they differentiate between direct reporting, and accurately describe their sources, but when stories go viral and cross nations and languages, it becomes almost impossible to tell what's new, what's independent corroboration, and what's just more noise to drown out what little signal is left.

If Nikkei did indeed get well sourced information that Apple's retail channel and partners in Japan are preparing for launch on September 20, than that's great. It confirms Apple's sticking with their typical timelines. If not, if it's speculation based on those typical timelines, then we'll still have to wait and see.

You... weren't already headed out to line up, were you?

Source: Nikkei, Techmaniacs, via 9to5Mac