As tomorrow's September 12 iPhone event draws closer, more information is also being rumored about the new iPod touch as well. That includes its codename, N78, another source saying it'll be 1136x640 just like the new iPhone, but also a rumor saying it won't be as fast. Both Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac and developer Will Strafach peg the codenam as N78. Strafach also offers the following on the screen and the processor:

the new iPod5,1 is code name N78AP, and sports a 1136x640 display.

the new iPod touch / N78AP runs on an S5L8942X, NOT an S5L8950X.

Gurman also adds the following concerning the other iPods:

We also understand that the iPod nano is codenamed N31 and that the iPod shuffle is codenamed N12B. Like we posted last week, the new Shuffle and Nano will ship in 8 colors. We also understand that the new iPod touch will come in several variations, which we speculate points to colors other than black and white.

$200 is the starting price Gurman is hearing for the previous generation iPod touch, even with the iPod mini rumored to be coming in at $200-$250. Would a 16GB iPod touch 4 be able to hold roughly the same value as an 8GB iPad mini?

iMore previously learned the new iPod touch would be widescreen, but these new details help set the stage, and expectations, before the event.

24 hours and counting...

Source: 9to5Mac, Will Strafach