New on iTunes: The Daniel Craig Collection, spy comedies, deals on ensemble TV

This week in movies, we start off with a new collection of the first three Daniel Craig-led James Bod movies, with all three films available together for $19.99. Additionally, you can now rent Inside Out. The movie sale this week offers spy comedies for $9.99 each, including films such as Spy, Red, and Austin Powers. The Movie of the Week is Woman in Gold which is available for a $0.99 rental and a $9.99 purchase.

This week in TV, we start off with new episodes of hit shows once again, including the latest episodes of Supergirl and Gotham. You can grab a "Best of..." collection of original Star Trek episodes for $15.99. You can get seasons of ensemble comedies for under $15 this week, including Orange is the New Black, Friends, and Cheers.

Check in next week for more in movies and TV from the iTunes Store.