There's a new iTunes update in town, and at the top of the list of new goodies is a new look MiniPlayer. The tiny little iTunes window has had a makeover that now includes a progress bar for the track currently playing, alongside your album artwork too. It may well be tiny, but it does look a lot nicer now, so good job on that front, Apple.

Also getting the visual makeover treatment is the songs view. With this latest update you can enjoy all your album artwork whilst in songs view. It's a small touch, but I know from personal tastes that having album artwork on show just makes the whole experience a little more pleasurable. But, that's just me.

That's not all though. Also improved in iTunes 11.0.3 is support for multi-disc albums. No more will separate discs be listed as separate albums, all discs will now appear in your iTunes library as a single album. Something I've wanted for some time, as I'm sure countless other users have.

Grab a copy of iTunes 11.0.3 from the download link below, or by heading into Software Update on your Mac, or iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC and hitting check for updates. Once you're done, head on back here and let us know how you like the new updates.