New iWork and iLife apps now showing up as free updates for DVD purchasers

We've gotten a bunch of messages from readers who originally bought iWork or iLife back when they were still sold on disk in boxes - yeah, you know, the dark ages - saying the Mac App Store is now properly offering them free updates to the new versions. Yesterday, for the same people, the updates were still listed at $19.99 a piece, so it looks like Apple's been fixing things overnight.

We haven't heard anything official about this, mind you, so don't sharpen the stakes and fire up the torches if you're still seeing a sticker price. Just make sure your disk copies are installed before you launch the Mac App Store, and then click around awhile to help them get recognized.

Check out Serenity Caldwell's piece in Macworld for more on identifying what you have, what you qualify for, and how to get it.

Thanks: Keith!

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