The MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper in New Jersey will use the Apple Watch to track behavioral data in breast cancer patients using a specially-designed application. Doctors hope that the watch will prove to be a persistent method of engaging with patients, helping them track and treat behavioral health issues.

From mHealth News:

McMahon said the pilot project will look to reach patients at two critical phases – right after they've been diagnosed, when they're "in survivorship phase" and trying not to be overwhelmed, and after they've completed treatment, when they're apt to feel anxious or depressed and not understand why. By capturing information in real time on activity, moods and sleep levels, she said, providers will be able to work with the patients to better understand and cope with their behavioral issues.

The program will utilize the 38mm Apple Watch Sport, and the behavior-tracking application will be built using HealthKit, though future versions could also use the recently-released ResearchKit platform. Following board approval, doctors will select 30 patients to participate in the project.

Source: mHealth News