Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch ships this spring it'll come with an app currently called the Apple Watch Companion. The Apple Watch Companion will let you manage the Apple Watch's Home screen layout (similar to how iTunes on the desktop can manage the iPhone's Home screen layout) and change various settings. Initially made public by some code found in iOS 8.2 beta 4, some apparent screenshots of the app have now also been published, providing additional information. According to 9to5Mac, highlights include:

  • A new clock face feature called Monogram has been added as a complication (a background detail you can choose to enable or disable). Like a real monogram, this feature will allow users to include a virtual, embedded stamp of 1-4 letters – typically your initials – directly on the clock face. This is an interesting customization, giving you the chance to make your watch look more individually designed.
  • Users will also be able to enable a subtle red dot that appears atop the Apple Watch's clock face whenever a new notification is received on your iPhone.
  • You can choose a stock to track via a watch face complication, seeing either its current price, point change, percentage change, or market cap. The same stock will appear in Glances, as well.

There're a wealth of other security, fitness, messaging, and other settings to be seen as well.

The Apple Watch Companion app, in final form, will no doubt ship when the Apple Watch itself is released.