MacBook Pro

MacG is where the report on a new 15-inch MacBook Pro and 27-inch non-Retina iMac originates from, citing sources familiar with company plans and who have been reliable in the past. The publication admits that details on both the new products are scarce. According to France-based MacG (translated):

"A new 15" MacBook Pro and a new 17" iMac will be available Wednesday. It takes the risk to avoid the conditional, these confidences come from people who are reliable. We have no further details."

For the MacBook Pro, it's not known whether we're looking at Retina. It's expected the MacBook Pro refresh will include not only Force Touch - which made it to the MacBook line back in March - but also a CPU and GPU upgrade. So, how credible is the report? We'll run with it and see what happens later this week. It's certainly possible Apple are working to release a new wave of products.

We've also been informed that 15-inch MacBook Pros are currently rather difficult to come by in the supply chains, which could be an indicator. While we wait for a potential release, if you'd like to read up on more information surrounding Force Touch, we've shared a superb in-depth guide as to how you can go about setting it up.

Source: MacG, via: 9to5Mac