It seems that only about 20% of U.S. Apple Watch orders have been delivered to customers so far. A new report, which estimates 1.7 million U.S. pre-orders for the watch, is claiming that only 376,000 of those orders have arrived on doorsteps. The rest of the orders, numbering around 547,000, are expected between now and the middle of June, according to Slice Intelligence:

A remaining 547,000 watches are expected to ship between April 27 and June 11; and 639,000 people will continue watch their email for word of when an additional 647,000 Apple Watches will start hitting doorsteps across the U.S., according to shipping notifications sent to Slice Intelligence's panel of 2 million online consumers.

Whether you've got your watch, or are still waiting patiently, be sure to check out our guides to getting started with the Apple Watch. Also be sure to stop by our Apple Watch forums to talk about your new watch, or commiserate with others who are still waiting.

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Source: Slice Intelligence

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