A new rumor from 9to5Mac claims that Apple could be close to launching a Retina display version of its all-in-one iMac, stating that several unnamed sources have used the product and that it is in the late testing stages.

While the report claims the basic design will remain the same, the Retina iMac will have improvements on the processor and WiFi antenna hardware side in addition to its display. Apple could launch the new version at the same time as OS X Yosemite this fall. It's likely that the Retina iMac will be sold alongside the regular version of the PC, but at a much higher cost.

So how high will the resolution be on the Retina iMac? The story quotes other rumors as saying that Apple could launch a 27-inch version of the PC with a 5K display. We will just have to wait and see if this latest report pans out. If Apple does indeed sell an iMac with a Retina display, will you be buying it if the price is right?

Source: 9to5Mac