New Samsung ad takes another shot at iPhone lines as well as new iPhone 5 featuresSamsung has rolled out another of its ads that aim to poke fun at Apple iPhone 5 buyers and those that plan on waiting in line for one tomorrow. Samsung released a similar ad last year just after the iPhone 4S went on sale; so these poor attempts at advertising and humor from Samsung are nothing really new. This latest ad is supposedly there to promote its Samsung Galaxy S3 under the heading of “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”.

The ad tries to make fun of the iPhone 5’s use of sapphire crystals by saying the phone will be like a precious jewel, making fun of the repositioning of the headphone jack as if it was some sort of big deal and the all-digital Lightning connector. It’s like Samsung is trying to tell you that iPhone users are dumb people who get over excited over any tiny little design change or small feature. Samsung then goes on to insinuate that iPhone users are mainly now the older generation and the hip and cool people are using the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think? Personally I think Samsung should just concentrate on its own phones features and not spend its marketing budget trying to be humorous or knocking better products!

Source: YouTube