One-sentence stories are exactly what they sound like: the meat of a story summed up into one sentence, with the goal being a quick way for users to keep up on the day's news right from their wrist.

The New York Times will bring 'one-sentence stories' to the Apple Watch

One-sentence stories aren't limited to a short blurb, however, as users will also have the option to scroll through a bullet list and relevant photos that summarize the story's content. Additionally, users will have the option of passing the story off to their iPhone or iPad using Handoff, or even saving the story for later by adding it to a reading list.

The New York Times also notes that it will have editors specifically dedicated to crafting news stories for display on the publications mobile and Apple Watch apps.

The New York Times updated their app when the first batch of Apple Watch-enabled apps started hitting the App Store last week, but this is the first real glimpse we've gotten into how the publication plans to present stories on the Apple Watch.

In any case, it looks like The New York Times has crafted an interesting experience for its app on the Apple Watch, and it will be interesting to see what other developers bring to the table now that Apple has opened up Apple Watch app submissions to all developers.

Source: The New York Times

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